Wasted Minds EP

by Young American Artists

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released June 30, 2011

Recorded at the Kosa Tower and the Stevens Estate.
Recorded and mixed by Sara Kosa.
Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
Special guest Tiernan Stevens on "Wasted Minds".
Artwork by Young American Artists.




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Track Name: Abuse
talk about abuse:
there's too many children in velcro shoes
who are capable and are able
but they're labeled "unstable"

and it's easy, oh so easy
to blame the schools, games or tv
you throw up your hands;
accept no responsibility

there is no excuse
the problem is with you
the only deficit:
parents don't give a shit

and the disability
lies in the family
classified impaired
because you just don't care

so why don't you
take the time to
teach your child to
tie their own shoes
Track Name: Wasted Minds
there's a problem with some kids today
they're locked inside and they don't go out to play
they're getting fatter and they're wasting away
bloated sponges with nothing good to say

wasted minds that don't create
Track Name: Delusional Parasitosis
biting. crawling. they're blood sucking.
i'm the host for guests i didn't invite
up at dawn and ready to bite bite bite
climbing up the walls they're over watching me.
parasites of the night i cannot see

get off of me.

waiting for the sun to feed feed feed.
living off a strict diet of me.
an infestation of the mind: anxiety
stress/insomnia invading me
no way to prepare for this
i've got delusional parasitosis.

delusional parasitosis- engulfing my mind
delusional parasitosis- i lost another night
delusional parasitosis- there's no end in sight
delusional parasitosis- this really bites.
is it really all in my head?